Crewing Agency
A. Chinese Crews

Seafarer Services. Com. Ltd acts as a responsible crewing agency for the placement of competent Chinese seafarers. The company works closely with the shipping companies in order to provide a reliable and sensitive service that satisfies both the individual seafarer and the company's needs. Seafarer Services.Com also works in association with reputable Chinese crewing agencies and is the company of choice for manning ships with Chinese crews. It has been established within the international maritime industry that Chinese crews are cost effective, loyal, honest, hardworking and competent seaman.

B. How it works

Shipping Companies are given an access code to enter the on-line database and make an initial evaluation of potential employees. Thus the shipping company can, within their own head office, readily assess the available Chinese manpower.

While Seafarer Services. Com. Ltd makes every effort to provide an accurate assessment of the competence of the individual seafarers displayed in this on-line database, the evaluation of competence is limited to the effectiveness of the assessment tools available. The company strongly recommends that further stages of the recruitment and evaluation strategy be still carried out by the shipping company to provide the true picture and to ensure that the candidate is suitable for company requirements.

C. The Seafarers

The web based crewing agency has also been developed to assist the Chinese seafarer in obtaining employment at sea. Seafarer Services. Com abides closely to the International Labour Organisations recommendations for the international recruitment of seafarers and feels very strongly that the individuals employed through the efforts of Seafarer Services. Com. Ltd should receive appropriate treatment from their employers.

Seafarer Services. Com. Ltd firmly believes in the philosophy that if the shipping company and others treat the seafarer with appropriate respect then the seafarers will respond by providing a loyal, competent and effective service.

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